Helena Gijsbers van Wijk

Helena Gijsbers van Wijk (Czech-born), caught my eye with life-size, ceramic figurative work. The series, “Torsos”, is a blend of collage, figurative and ceramic media I haven’t seen before. They are both visually AND physically arresting in that they are heavy but not too heavy. Follow that? Additionally, this is the kind of art you just want to touch; there are so many different surfaces in each piece! With the prices being from $485-560, it’s relatively easy to touch one all you want after buying it.

After falling in love with that body of work (unavoidable pun, sorry!), I was captured by some of the sculptures in her studio. There is nothing shy or “safe” about these pieces. They are rather attacking in nature and therefore not for those who like stuff for sale at “Gallery Target” (with a French accent, please) or “Bed, Bath & Beyond Art”.

This is a GREAT opportunity to bring thoughtful, meaningful, conversation-starting work into your collection. Seriously, who could not talk about this work when seeing it? I consider the work presented here to be a good buy because of the combination of 1) quality of work, 2) demonstrated exhibition history, and, 3) price point for comparable work in high-end galleries. But, as always, buy it only if you love it.

All these comments apply to the 2-D works, as well. The artistic sensibility is a mix of perceived textures, non-specific narrative and use of space. I particularly love the balance/mix of primitive art and fine art in a way only an experienced artist can produce. I expect my astute followers can see that both Vincent Fink and van Wijk blend geometry and figures together! I would advise buying from both artists and hanging them together in your home.

Contact van Wijk for a studio visit at The Houston Foundry (1712 Burnett St., Houston, 77026), by email (VanWijkHelena@yahoo.com) or phone (713/291-8714). Be sure to say you saw her work here!

(All photos courtesy of the artist unless designated otherwise.)

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