Stacy Kuropata

Stacy Kuropata (Houston-born) is a young artist interested in human history and anthropology. When an artist introduces themselves to me with this, they immediately have my attention! Kuropata’s work has ‘heart and soul’ which reflects a certain deepness of human spirit and history.

I think the work photographs well and is represented here quite well. The colors and textures are classic and what Kuropata does with them is captivating, I think. Having recently received an MFA in ceramics from HBU, we can understand why there is such conceptual depth to this work. Her exhibition history is relatively short but recognition in juried art exhibits is important when you start following an artist.

The combination of education, exhibition history, pricing and quality of work makes this one of the best buy opportunities I’ve found! If you don’t have any ceramic work in your collection, Kuropata makes it an easy decision as to when to start.

You’ll notice some works on paper, also. These have the feel of studies, drawings she makes while considering new concepts. She told me she does drawings when she can’t work with clay (for any kind of logistical reason) and that sometimes they inspire a ceramic piece. Likewise, she explained, some ceramic pieces will inspire a work on paper. We both agreed, however, that ceramics is her stronger media but I wanted to share a few of those pieces with you here.

Contact her by email at and mention you saw the work here at HALT713.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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