Montrose 2nd Saturday Art Market

A while back, I posted about the First Saturday Arts Market which occurs in the Heights, remember? Now I want to make sure you know about the Montrose 2nd Saturday Art Market which occurs on the SECOND Saturday of every month.

This month, it was at the corner of Fairview and Grant Street. The Facebook event page is the only on-line presence I can find for them as their website is not working now.

Here are my favorites:

Jonathan Lopez has been active for years now so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen him before. His medium is metal and his subjects include hearts, lizards, turtles, human figures, bats, dinosaurs, etc. These are suitable for outdoors, too. The pieces he has now are steeply discounted because he’s clearing out inventory.

Janie Miller produces outdoor-suitable pieces, too. These mandalas, which she calls “Plowers” are flower-like constructions made from plates. I was taken by the simplicity of the idea and the impact of the result.

Lacey Crawford was selling scarves and coats made from old sweaters. Although not something I would wear, the color and rich textures of her pieces would look good on several women I know.

Alicia Boles (current owner of Affaire d’Art in Galveston) showed a mix of photographic pieces and works on canvas. Her lego-gay pride necklaces won me over, too.

Stacey Carr is the first member of the “13 Suns Art Collective” I’ve met and was showing sheet of canvas with paint applied to them. This is a product I’ve not seen at an art market before and thought I’d share it with you.

Sergio Santos had a couple bear-inspired pieces that really caught my eye. I asked, “why the bears?” to which he replied, “I’m about to become a father. You know, a papa bear!”

T.D. Snider has a very “busy” look to his work which is not my “cup of tea”, if you will, but one piece caught my eye. He wasn’t around so I don’t know the asking price.

Jefferson Woodruff creates mobiles with a delicacy and lightness that I think appeals to many people.

Michelle Hickman’s pendants are fantastic sculptures I think more men need to know about.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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