Archway Gallery: Highlights

Another enjoyable visit to Archway Gallery (2305 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006) brought several new pieces to my eyes that I wanted to share with you.

Kevin Cromwell is an artist I’ve been watching for just a few months now. He has his studio at Mother Dog Studios and made the jump into Archway last fall. We should be glad he did since he brings a very different sensibility to the group of artists there. He’s appropriately priced, I think.

Becky Soria has a long, impressive resume with skills to match. When I saw this piece, I just stopped. Gasped. Smiled. It’s a different kind of composition I’ve seen from her and I hope she continues in this direction!

Anita Nelson continues to impress me. The brushwork is highly accomplished. But it’s the surreal, non-specific narrative that is captivating.

Joel Anderson is using photo transfers and encaustic (along with mad framing construction skills!) to create pieces that are etherial in emotion and comfortable in appreciation.

John Slaby is a more straight forward storyteller than Nelson. Slaby’s compositions are very personal narratives made stronger by highly skilled brushwork and use of light.

Paula Haymond is a woodturner I’ve followed for years now. Skill and craftsmanship is certainly not an issue in her works. If you’re a fan of the medium, you need to know Haymond’s work.

Thomas Irven is another woodturner I’ve followed for years. He was actually very important in Haymond’s career as an instructor. Irven’s known for his acorn boxes. I always enjoying holding them and unscrewing the caps (be sure to ask the gallery attendant before trying it yourself, though!)

Jim Adams uses found metal pieces to construct artworks that are figurative and whimsical in nature. A long-time Houstonian, Adams is in the process of relocating out-of-state so check out his work while you can!

Diane Fraser is an abstract painter (how could I mention a group exhibit without a few abstracts?). Fraser’s sensibility of composition and color may be of interest to those who appreciate abstract art.

Archway Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm and Sunday from 1:00-5:00pm. Be sure to tell them you saw their work here!

(All photos by Matt Adams)


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