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It is time to feature one of the best galleries in town again – Archway Gallery. I’ve featured it before here. Every month, the 30+ member/artists of Archway change out work. So here are my favorite works that are currently on view.

Kevin Cromwell is at the top of my list because of 1) captivating figures, 2) good size, 3) good palette (colors), 4) appropriate price and 5) consistency of the artist in developing work. Collectors should consider longevity and Cromwell is beginning to have it. Actually, this is a trait of everyone at Archway, albeit, to different degrees.

John Slaby continues to demonstrate excellent technique and really puts traditional oil paining on its head with this particular piece. I really like how this piece depicts a happy couple on a beach but the “photo” is out of focus and highly pixelated. A creative composition!

Becky Soria continues to impress with her interpretive works and mixed media.

Larry Larrinaga is making my list for the first time. His use of scale (large pieces), implied movement and color are his hallmarks. This particular piece captivates me because of the smart balance of color and no color. The weird, anamorphic figure seems to float above a greyscale field and dance around.

Donna E Perkins is one of those consistent, strong and reliable artists attractive to collectors. She is one of those buy opportunities you should take advantage of before she ‘hits it big’. You heard it here, folks!

Joel Anderson, who’s been at Archway for less than a year, is storming the art scene. A regular in juried exhibitions (Lawndale, VAA, etc.) and art festivals, he’s pursuing┬áhis creative passions wherever he can! And it helps that he creates good pieces!

Gene Hester’s fused glass pieces have been favorites of mine for years now. The ones on display now are just as good.

Jim Adams‘ piece I’m showing has epitomizes minimalism in it’s creation and use of negative space. Minimalism was founded by 3D artists and Adams fits in with the titans of the scene. And his consistency in the art scene and juried exhibits is considerable.

Paula Haymond’s steampunk-inspired chess set is something I’m not sure could be played as much as it could be enjoyed as a sculpture that combines the ideas of chess (and all the real, human history that goes with it) and the steampunk fantasy world. A smart juxtaposition, I think.

Go visit Archway Gallery at 2305 Dunlavy St., Houston 77006, Monday-Saturday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm and Sunday from 1:00 – 5:00 pm.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)


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