Brady Steward

Brady Steward (USA born), is one of the very few glass artists that call Houston home. Although his work was produced in New Orleans, he sees Houston as a viable art market in which to participate. With proper marketing, he will find a great collector base here, I’m sure. For now, I really think you should see this work. He has shown work 3 times at Agora Gallery in NYC who did a nice video of him which you can see here.

Insofar as the work goes, his influences of the inner spirit as altered by medications and the outer universe are evident in the extreme dynamism. The “Ice Moon Series” has evolved to be multicomponent figures. There’s the wild, colorful, dynamic top supported by a sturdy base and a rounded connector. These are heavy/sturdy pieces that have fantastic “visual lift”. The other series featured here is titled “Cascade”. It is comprised of tall, slender figures (think the great existentialist¬†Alberto Giacometti) which wave to and fro in space. When you get close to them, you see motion under the surface of the glass, also!

There aren’t many glass artists in Houston, so I’m happy that Steward is here. And since I love his work, I’m featuring him here. He has recently opened his own gallery space; it’s part of his house so it’s easily accessible by appointment.

Contact the artist by email at to arrange a studio visit (in the Montrose area of Houston). And be sure to tell him you saw him here at HALT713.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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