Archway Gallery: Becky Soria – Essence

Becky Soria (Boliva born) has intrigued me for years now. I’ve seen her work at various places and have always appreciated the technique, color, and scale of the works. However, something was missing for me. With all that said, you have an idea of what I was thinking when I entered Archway Gallery to see her latest works. I was cautiously hopeful.

I really wish the pix I took in the gallery could convey the impact the work has when you see it in person! Most of the works in the Essence series has the best hallmark of good art – increased appreciation upon greater inspection. Approaching “I Often Invoke My Muse” (the best piece in the show), I thought “wow, this looks good”. Then standing in front of it I thought, “um, yea, this one has me hooked”. Then I was stuck, my eyes wandering all over the piece, enjoying so many bit elements of it thinking, “this is an amazing work that took a very long time to develop both technically and conceptually!” And finally, “I need to do a blog post of this exhibit.”

This work is so well developed and executed, I had to bring it to you here. And it won’t ‘break the bank’, I think it’s a very good value for collectors. Soria has years of experience and it shows. Having back surgery has given her a new muse which has resulted in fantastic work.

The exhibit is on view through November 5 at Archway Gallery (2305 Dunlavy St, Houston 77006) which is open Mon-Sat, 10am – 6pm, Sun 1pm – 5pm. On Friday, October 9 at 2pm there will be an event with the artist.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)


One thought on “Archway Gallery: Becky Soria – Essence

  1. Matt, thanks for the great review of Becky Soria’s new series of works. I totally agree with you… This show is a “Must See.”

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