Archway Gallery: Anita Nelson

This post is unusual in that the exhibit has already ended but the artist is still in the gallery. This oversight on my part should not affect your appreciation for the sometimes quirky, sometimes incredibly insightful but always intriguing compositions of Anita Nelson.

I have been a fan of her work for years now and we have a few pieces in our collection. It’s time for you to consider the same. From the artist’s website, “My philosophy about what I do involves wanting the viewer to create their own story about what they see. The art should be used as a “visual bookmark” for remembering not where one has stopped but where one continues or the place in the visual story you revisit.”

Nelson is a resident artist at Archway Gallery and you can always see her work there during their normal hours which are Mon-Sat, 10am – 6pm, Sun, 1 – 5pm.

You can contact the artist by email at

(All photos by Matt Adams unless stated otherwise.)

2 thoughts on “Archway Gallery: Anita Nelson

  1. Thanks Matt ..what a wonderful spread of photos. I truly appreciate the blog post ! The
    show in Sept went over great at Archway and it was a fun year of putting all of it together. Best, Anita

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