Diane Fraser

Within in the last couple years, I began to see the work of Diane Fraser (Born, USA, NJ) at Archway Gallery. Since I only saw three works, they were easy to walk by while looking at the work of 30 other artists in the gallery. However, upon repeat visits, I found myself looking forward to seeing Fraser’s work; she was ‘on my radar’. Then I play the waiting game to observe consistency which is where many artists on my radar fall off. I’m happy that Fraser maintained relavence and quality of work and has stayed on my list.

I can therefore bring her work to you here with an appropriate level of confidence.

Fraser’s visual vocabulary is definitely in the abstract but towards the side of representational; it’s not ‘pure abstraction’. This representationally-based abstraction is the kind I respond to. Further, the surfaces Fraser creates are simply beautiful to experience. Oil is a favorite medium which is often mixed with collaged paper elements. The rich and varied textures, whether on paper or canvas, are the kind you can figuratively dig your teeth into.

With a wide background of experiences and jobs, it is the time spent in civil engineering drafting which is the most apparent. Basic elements upon which Fraser pulls from include, grids, architecture, cartography, iconography and observed orientation. “Series are built on the strategy of variation and repetition” according to the artist.

All the works shown here are from 2015. I encourage you to view work at Archway Gallery or, better yet, arrange a studio visit (in the Bellaire area). Contact the artist by email at fraserdiane@att.net. Be sure to mention HALT713 and you’ll receive a 15% discount.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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  1. I personally, along with the Houston art world specifically, celebrate you, Matt, and your devotion and dedication to the promotion and support of local art and the makers of that art. I am grateful for your interest and attention in my work and am confident this connection nurtures the continuation of our joyous work. dfraser

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