Seth Daulton

Seth Daulton (USA-born), is a young artist (resume is here)  with an artistic voice that reflects youth but, coupled with the skills learned while earning an MFA in printmaking, results in work that is well worth our time. Daulton is interested in themes relating to physical space and location and how to interpret the exploration of space in a visual language. In other words, he seeks to convey the uneasiness we all feel when we enter a new building in a new city while simultaneously conveying the excitement which comes with such an experience. Yes, this is a repeating topic in the arts but only artists such as Daulton can do it in a way that interests me.

Further, and more importantly, the combination of strong artist voice AND technique equals an artist to watch. And collect. Now. Within 3 years I predict great things for this artist.

I encourage you to contact the artist (by email at to appreciate the nuances which cannot be conveyed on a computer screen. His skills are not appropriately viewed here so consider these images “teasers”.

UPDATE: Seth is now represented in Houston by Nicole Longnecker Gallery.  Therefore, the prices have gone up and he now wants you to contact the gallery for sales inquiries. This is another example of “finding artists” with my help, btw. I hope you got your Dalton when I did this post a couple years ago!

(Photos by Matt Adams unless otherwise indicated.)

One thought on “Seth Daulton

  1. Seth,
    I have been eyeing your work for a year now. I bought one of your pieces as a present for my sister last year for Christmas. Now, when I see it in her house, I ask if she wants to give it to me.

    So, I would like to get my own. How can I purchase, “Structure”, color monotype, 14″ x 11″, $50?

    Thank you,

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