Bryan Cope

Bryan Cope is under the radar of the fine art scene in Houston but I don’t think he should be. Having some presence in the emerging artist community, I believe his work to be worthy of higher levels of consumption. Cope was selected for Lawndale’s “The Big Show” in 2015 and has participated in several non-juried exhibitions over the past few years.

The work brought to you here is selected from two bodies of work. The common features include shapes and colors reflecting the sensibility of the constructivism movement with Cope’s work seemingly influenced primarily by Malevich. I asked Cope about this and found that my comparison was accidental; the artist was not influenced by Malevich. Here’s an example of an emerging artist echoing the work of a previous artist without knowing it. Collectors need to recognize when this happens and have candid, frank conversations with artists about their influences.

The 3-D works are very impressive and I hope the detail photos help convey this to you. The juxtaposition of hard edges and complex construction result in absolutely pleasing compositions I find relaxing. It’s a good thing he gained access to a computerized numeric control (CNC) machine used for artistic purposes. This tool allowed him to take his 2-D ideas and expand upon them.

I consider this a good “buy” opportunity for collectors that like the work. Contact the artist by email at or phone at 979/236-0648. Tell him you saw his work on HALT713 and receive a 10% discount.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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