Hardy Nance Studios: Scott Tarbox

Scott Tarbox (USA-born) is an artist that creates work with a graffiti/street art sensibility. With deep, strong roots in that community of artists and appreciators, he has been creeping up to and penetrating the outer fringes of the fine art community. Therefore, I’m comfortable bringing his work to you here. When I say “deep, strong roots”, it’s because of things like what he’s done to activate the Houston art scene via Free Art Friday, a weekly, worldwide scavenger hunt for original artworks. Read this article to learn more about this. A sample of mural work can be seen here.

As I’ve written before (here and here), Houston is experiencing the overlap of street art and fine art in many, many ways. Tarbox is firmly within this movement and is therefore worthy of watching. Besides which, he makes great work whether it’s on outdoor walls, on canvas, on old skateboards, on paper, etc.

The two primary subjects are complex, layered abstracts and quirky animals possessing some kind of attitude. If you like this kind of thing, look seriously at Tarbox. I’ve seen this internationally collected artists’ prices increase and am pretty confident that trend is going to continue.

Tarbox participates in the open studio events that occur at Hardy Nance Studios on the third Saturday of every month. I’ve seen the times change so I recommend you check their website before going. Other than that, you can contact the artist by email at TarboxDesign@gmail.com, on Instagram @Tarboxx2 and phone at 832/358-5616. And, he’s offering HALT713 readers a 20% discount if you mention the name and purchase a piece featured here.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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