Susan Budge

Susan Budge (USA-born) has been mentioned on HALT713 before here, here and here. It would seem I’m a fan and am making sure you are, too.

Budge’s quality of execution, depth of concept and extensive (almost 40 years) experience is evident in the work you see here. To me, the shapes and colors seem to spring from science fiction stories. “Sci-Fi In Ceramics” could very well be the title of her lifetime retrospect (when it happens in another 40 years!). Combine this sci-fi idea with the Arts of Africa Department of the Menil Collection, and you start to get into the artist’s head and can further appreciate the work. Frankly, I love some of her work all by itself, but contextualizing it in terms of sci-fi & African art makes it much more fun to look at!

With the longevity, quality of work and price point demonstrated by Budge, I consider this a very strong buy opportunity for collectors. Currently, Budge is an artist-in-residence at the Houston Center For Contemporary Craft. To visit, email

(All photos by Matt Adams unless otherwise designated.)

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