Hardy Nance Studios: Robin Baker

Robin Baker (Houston-Born) sort of prides himself in being Houston’s “Best Known Unknown” artist but I’m trying to change that by bringing his work to you here. I think it’s worth it for a number of reasons.

First of all, there’s a simplicity in the choice of colors, or lack thereof, actually. Suffering from various vision “issues”, the artist is seeking to represent the world as he sees it – flat and somewhat devoid of color. Although not the first artist who’s work is informed by a physical condition, Baker, like others, uses a negative to produce positive results. Creating TRUE black-and-white imagery with paint on canvas provides a second element of Baker’s style. Echoing the aesthetic qualities of woodblock prints and cutout stamps, these paintings bend preconceptions. Third, the depiction of male nudes is simply not common and is therefore eye-catching.

I’m leading the slide show with what I think is the most evocative composition, especially when coupled with the flat, 2-color style of Baker’s.

To view the work in person, head over to Hardy Nance Studios for their monthly “Third Saturday” open studios.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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