Gissette Padilla

Gissette Padilla (Venezuealan-born) creates artworks that defy conventional descriptors. Having an MFA from UT San Antonio, Padilla is not limited by the bounds of canvas/panel size. Many of her artworks are composed of 2 or 3 separate panels which are hung together. These “pendants” express a free, loose quality that’s hard to ignore. More impressive, however, is the sense that there is a strong, underlying story in each of her pieces. This work is quite mature in that there is the appearance of a strong narrative even though we don’t know exactly what it is unless we talk to the artist; this is called “non-specific narrative”. In talking to Padilla, you learn that all the work is informed by the dynamic relationship she has with her home country of Venezuela.

You can contact the artist by email at to arrange a studio visit. Her studio is located north of the Houston Heights. A 20% discount is being offered on the works featured here if you tell her you saw her here on

(All photos courtesy of the artist unless designated otherwise.)

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