Joëlle Verstraeten

Joëlle Verstraeten (Belgium born) has been based in Houston since 2009 after a career in law. Choosing the medium of monotype, Verstraeten creates realistic representations of things to which there is a personal connection. The works featured here are based on the artist’s appreciation for music. The materials used therefore include sheet music, albums, CD’s and player-piano paper.

The circle is, of course, universally appealing. It is Verstraeten’s use of color and materials that make these intriguing, not just appealing. The works come terribly close to being “muddy”/”overworked” however, the artist’s restraint yields positive results. Placement of the circular composition off-center is a clever way of balancing the composition, also. We see this trait in experienced artists; they know when to stop without going too far and making a complete mess. See the recent post on Jacob Spacek for another example of this.

To schedule a visit, contact the artist by email at or phone at 832/314-3977. She is offering a 10% discount on the works featured here if you mention HALT713.

(All photos by Matt Adams unless specified otherwise.)

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