Summer Street Studios: Martin Holmes

Summer Street Studios is the newest artist studio building in town. Opening just last month, it’s the latest project of The Deal Company, the force behind the Sawyer Yards complex. Now that you’re up to speed on that, it’s time to talk about Martin Holmes.

I’ve known Holmes for about 2 years now and am thrilled with his demonstrated progression. The first work I saw was immediately captivating in a way that indicated this artist is one to watch. During our first discussion, I said that I consider him a “lens-based artist” and he kinda tilted his head at me, not having heard that term before. I still label him that way and am thrilled to share with you here. Since that time, I’m happy to say that Holmes has earned a spot here on HALT713 by demonstrating a commitment to his work and showing the world something new. Having a military background, where rules are made up by others and must be followed, it’s been fascinating to watch Holmes make his own rules and express some rather deep, emotional content.

Recently, published an article on Holmes. A lengthy read which indicates there’s another fan out there!

Shown here are works from three different series: “Throwing Bones”, “Time-Slip Portraits” and an as-yet untitled series. I’m such a supporter of this artist’s work I offered to be a subject and you’ll see the result below which is a part of the as-yet untitled series. If you’d like to be a subject yourself, Holmes will do it for the first 5 people mentioning HALT713 and you’ll get a print for just $100. Other than that, work is priced in the $300 to $800 range. Specific pricing depends on size and edition number. Prices go up as the edition of 15 is sold – a routine sales technique which is unique to photography. Framing is available, also.


You can visit Holmes during the building’s “Second Saturday” monthly open studios from 12-5pm. You can also email him at


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