Spring Street Studios: Carolina Lauver Amat

Spring Street Studios have “Second Saturday” of every month as an open studios day (from 2-7pm). I regularly go there to see what and who is new and recommend you do, too. This is how you come across fantastic work such as that of Carolina Lauver Amat.

Amat moved in very recently so this is the first time I’ve seen her work. In art, there is “positive space” (areas with objects, brushstrokes, etc.) and “negative space” (areas with not much happening). We are accustomed to compositions with a certain balance of the two and generally don’t think about this feature. However, artists such as Amat push us out of the usual into an unusual balance of positive and negative space. The second component of these works is line quality. The use of lines, in addition to their width and placement, is rather sophisticated.

Amat has a background in architecture and is from Venezuela; you can read her artist statement here. Pulling from memories including time at the beach, she creates works that are extremely successful in the following: Scale, Positive/Negative Space, Line Quality, Material, Price.

If you agree, go visit on a Second Saturday or contact the artist by email at CarolinaLauver@me.com or phone at 406/812-0742. Tell her you saw her work here at HALT713.com!

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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