Hardy Nance Studios: 10″ x 10″ Exhibit

Hardy Nance Studios is a converted building that houses only artist studios. I’ve gone for years and you should recognize the name if you follow me online or in person! The reason for this post is a themed, group exhibit that will occur tomorrow, February 18 from 5-9pm; is is a one-night happening. All works are 10″ x 10″ are are $100 or less.

“Hardy & Nance’s popular 10″x10” Art Show that drew a crowd of 1000+ last year, including the Mayor, is back by popular demand! Save the date, folks. #February 18. Over 300 pieces of art priced at $100 or less. Don’t miss your chance to buy great art for a great price.

This event is free and open to the public!

Over 100 Participating Artists:
David J. Anderson, Wood Fancher Anthony, Athira Apsangi, Melissa Ausburn, Robin Baker, JJ Baker, Alex Barber, Mariel Bathan, Brandy Black, P. Blackwell, Vince Blasco, Bonnie Blue, Missy Bosch, Lauren Boulden, Elizabeth Brossa, Angela Buentello, Lindsay Burck, Kate Byrd, Daniel Calderon, Rae Obsidian, Krystle Ceasar, Yamin Cespedes, Eepi Chaad, Ram Cisneros, Taylor Clendennen, Brent Clifton, Naz Cross, DeeJon, Dom Bam, Rei Egusquiza, Daniel Elliot, Barbara Elmore, Cori Erin, Corella Fairchild, Michelle Ferrell, Franciso Flores, Anne Marie Foster, Dee Franklin, Holly Furgason, William Gilstrap, Meighgan Gladden, Ariel Gordy, Heather Gordy, Mike Gordy, Jesse Greene, Stacy Gresell, Jessica Guerra,Marco Guerra, Jill Hakala, Ashley Hammonds, Handsdottir, Brittany Hatter, Jennifer Herrera, Michael Young History, Bruce Anthony Hunt, J9XJAM, Janice Jackson, Allison Johnston, Naz Kaya-Erdal, Elaine Kuckertz, Melanie Louise, John Paul Luna, Mark Lyons, MADLY Art & Design, David Maldonado, Courtney Martin, Steve Matis, Austin Magruder, Mic McAllister, Arie Moghaddam, Andria Nguyen, Samantha Ohendalski, Lizbeth Ortiz, Anthony Pabillano, Quentin Pace, Anne Hallman-Perez, Mike P., Kenneth Pierson, Brandon Powell, Faith Pruneda, Jeri Rae, Alexus Rendon, Claire Richards, Samuel T Robinson III, Jieqi Ren, Edward Reyes, Rita Ann Reyes, Leslie Roades, Eric H. Ruiz, Cherie Salinas, Esmeralda Sanchez, Elena Sandovici, Cameron Frederick Sands, Koenraad Seghers, Tra Slaughter, Super Flake, Heather Jones Taylor, Thundercat, Lanecia Rouse Tinsley, Jake Tucker, Brandi Untz, Sayra Vallejo, Angela Rose Walling, Luke Walsh, Phillip Walsh, Dandee Warhol, Jenny Wilde, Rob Wilson, Troy Winscott, Allen Wittert, Michael Wooten, Ixchel Zuniga”

(All photos by Matt Adams.)


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