Anthony Pabillano

Anthony┬áPabillano (Philippines born) is a self-professed “frustrated architect” that turned to accounting. His relationship to math is better than most people; he won a national math competition while in high school. I think it’s important to know these tidbits as they inform his work.

The immediate observation in Pabillano’s work is the exclusive use of fine lines. What is not obvious are the tools used to create these compositions. The Hummingbird works are created using Microsoft’s PowerPoint program and the flower ones are created entirely in Microsoft’s Excel program! I’ve seen it with my own eyes and am happy to share the results with you here.

I met Pabillano at VAA’s Third Monday critique night about a year ago where he first showed his work to other people. Being a brand new member of the Houston art community, he’s received recognition by already being accepted into two of VAA’s juried exhibitions, the 34th Juried Membership Exhibition and the 11th Juried Invitational Exhibition.

Besides creating visually successful compositions, Pabillano is the only digital artist (including photographers) that have the wherewithal to produce only ONE print of each composition. This brave move earns a giant gold star from me!

You can contact him by email at, phone at 361/813-3985 or Instagram @AnthonyPabillano. Tell him you saw his work here at HALT713!


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