The First 100 Days: Artists Respond

This is a one-night exhibt showing works artists created in response to the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

This exhibit is comprised of 59 artworks by 45 artists. Works were selected on artistic merit in conjunction with the artist statement. Although most are from Houston-area artists, there are four from out of state. You can see the complete exhibit guide with all the artist statements here.

The call for entries was very clear in saying that ANY political perspective was welcome; the driving force of the exhibit was to allow artists to respond to what’s happening in their world at this time. This is, and always has been the primary purpose of art! Only one artist inquired asking, “I’m pro Trump. May I submit my work for consideration?” The answer was, “Yes, the works will be considered on their artistic merit, not their political perspective.” Sadly this artist did not enter work. Nor did ANY other artist with a “pro Trump” stance.

Please note that most woks are for sale and the organizers are taking no commission on sales. You need to email the artist direct to work out the sale or meet them at the reception.

Matt Adams, local art supporter, blogger and president of the Visual Arts Alliance, produced this exhibit and acted as the juror. Please direct any questions, critiques, etc. to him at Private donations supported the exhibit and any excess proceeds will be donated to the Washington Avenue Arts District.

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