Summer Street Studios: Ellen H. Ray

Ellen H. Ray is an artist that demonstrates an experienced hand in her works. I was introduced to Ray’s work in her studio over a year ago and was captivated by the narrative content. Then I was held in place by the use of materials and demonstrated techniques. This combination is what I’m always looking for so I’m glad to feature her now.

In getting to know Ray, I was not surprised to learn that she spent about 20 years creating decorative artworks – that’s where the strong technical skills come from!. In January 2017, Ray made the leap into the fine art community and rented a studio at the brand new Summer Street Studios (where our introduction happened). Ray’s work is firmly grounded in the decorative arts when it comes to color and composition; however, the recent work contains personal narrative thereby entering the genre of “fine art”. Although decorative arts are great, I’m more attracted to fine art that exhibits the soul of the artist (as you know).

Deciding to tell personal stories using highly developed techniques makes Ray is an emerging artist worthy of our attention. I encourage you to visit and ask specific questions on specific works. You’ll get a heartfelt story – but only on request!

Ray participates in “Second Saturday” at Sawyer Yards from 12-5 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month. Summer Street Studios is at 2204 Summer Street, 77007 and Ray is in number 111 (straight in, at the end, on the left). You can also visit basically every day but email at or phone/text at 972/345-4336 to make sure she’ll be there. And mention you saw this post!

(All photos by Matt Adams unless specified by *.)

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