Rei Egusquiza

The delicacy of Rei Egusquiza’s work is immediately captivating. Dominated by fine lines and figures, these works strike a fine balance between positive (areas with ink and collage) and negative space (areas of nothing). The methods Egusquiza uses are pen/pencil, collage (some imagery is original, some is appropriated) and beading. Frankly, where beading is used are some of the best moments of his work.

The work shown here is from the last 5 years however I got to go through a couple hundred pieces during our visit. If these works entice you, there are A LOT more to see! Note that the majority of these are works on paper although a few are on board (and designated as such) so you’ll need to get your selection/s framed.

You can contact the artist by email, phone (917/399-0280) or Instagram (Rei.Za). Be sure to tell him you saw his work here at!

(All photos by Matt Adams unless otherwise specified.)

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