Brad Moody: studio visit

Brad Moody brought his brand of art to Houston 3.5 years ago and has kinda taken the scene by storm. His first event occurred in his home/studio deep in the (real) heart of Montrose 2 years ago. With the enthusiasm of an artist half his age, he creates engaging work reflective of his southern-charm personality.

Keith Carter, a most expressive, poetic photographer told me once, “good art tells a secret”. That statement resonates VERY often in my head as I look at work but I don’t often find it. When an artist has the bravado to share a secret, the work takes on the most personal nature and is typically the artist’s strongest work.

Moody is not afraid to tell his secrets. It seems he HAD many secrets but through his work has shared them all with the world. This level of engagement takes an experienced soul with the strength to bare it. The result, I think, is refreshing and invigorating.

A formal analysis of his work would be jabber about brush strokes, line quality and color theory which I’m not going to do. I just want you to look at these images and find some secrets.

I consider Moody’s work to be a good buy opportunity for two reasons, 1) quality of work and 2) the artist’s growth and increase in prices over the last two years. Contact Moody direct to see these pieces in person and for purchase inquiries. Note that these are studio, not gallery prices.

All photos by Matt Adams.

One thought on “Brad Moody: studio visit

  1. I know I “shouldn’t” like Brad’s work… but I can’t help but be drawn into some of these paintings. There’s something quite wonderful and I’m surprised by my reaction. Some of these paintings really speak to me. Thank you Brad for making such interesting and engaging art and thank you Matt for letting the world know about this talented artist.

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