Glassell School: Departmental Focus

Carlos Pozo

Laura Burlton

Penny & Rob McDonnald

Patrick Palmer

Skatestock III: Kings of The Lone Star

Aerosol Warfare: HTX Free Art Friday Extravaganza

Suplex Presents: Three Exhibitions

Maryam Lavaf

Montrose Art Market: Jon Garner

Art League Houston: South African beading project

The Jung Center: Hilda Rueda

Silver Street Studios: Lorena Morales

Record Ranch Gallery: 8th Annual Day of the Dead Rock Stars

Mother Dog Studios: Solomon Kane

First Saturday Arts Market

Redbud Gallery: Juan Aaron Castillo – “steambath-scopop”

G Gallery: Morgan Sorne – Songs from the House of Stone

The Printing Museum: Zine Fest Houston

Silver Street Studios: Kelyne Reis

Sojourn: Studio Residency Exhibition

Discovery Green: Wings Of The City

Capitol Street Gallery: Marvin F. Gould – Exploring the Mark

Galeria Regina: Vincent Fink – Iterations

Silver Street Studios: Alexandra Sivov

Silver Street Studios: Janavi Folmsbee

Gallery M2: Kings Of The Lone Star – Texas Graffiti Art

Bayou Music Center: Triple Threat

Michael Macedo Meazell Art: Love Street

G Gallery: Necessary Truths

Brad Moody: studio visit

Archway Gallery: some suggested buys

Glassell School: SAO/Select 2014

Peppershade Art Mixer: Jacob Spacek

Phoenicia Specialty Foods: Love Street

Avis Frank Gallery: Susan Budge – Secrets Conceived/Visions Revealed

HCCC: La Frontera

Lawndale Art Center: A Panoramic View-Texas Sculpture Group

Micah Simmons

Avis Frank: Voids, Shadows and Believable Things

JoMar Visions: Christian Perkins – Compilation

Gallery M2: Paper Cuts II – Deeper

Glassell School of Art: Annual Juried Student Exhibition & The Fundamentals

Avis Frank: Joe Peña – Invisible Territory

Archway Gallery: Allison Rathan – The Cutting Bridle