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Jacob Spacek (USA-born) studied art at Texas State University (San Marcos, TX) and moved to Houston to operate BLUEorange Gallery together with his sister. I met Spacek by attending openings at their Gallery and soon learned he is also an artist.

Over the last couple years, I’ve seen very little of his work but have been intrigued by what I did see. Having a great personality and actively engaging the community, Spacek’s well-positioned to experience solid growth with his artworks. One event he participated in was a group exhibit at G Gallery titled “Sho Hot” and another was a one-night, live painting event which you can view here.

The work I’m showing you here highlights the artist’s bold, expressive nature. With extreme, raw intensity, Spacek breaks pretty much all the rules and creates works that challenge your opinion of what “finished” means in an artwork. Spacek must greatly enjoy walking the thin line between a piece that is finished and one that is just a hot mess because he does it again and again and again! This can be a challenging ride for a collector but I encourage you to stretch you limits into Spacek’s universe.

In particular, be sure to notice the digital prints included here. I congratulate Spacek on the decision to make these unique prints; he’s only printing one of each!

You can arrange a visit to the studio at BLUEorange Studios (1208 West Gray, Houston 77019) by emailing the artist at JSpacekPaint@gmail.com. You can follow him on Instagram @JacobSpacek, also. If you tell him you heard of him through HALT713, he is offering a 10% discount on works shown here.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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