The Jung Center: Barbara Attwell

The art exhibits at the Jung Center are consistently thought provoking in ways that are easily accessible. I’m talking about artworks that tell stories and tap in to our subconscious (reflective of Carl Jung’s teachings, of course). I recommend that you stop there during your day for a calm, introspective moment.

On view now is Barbara Attwell’s felting work. The wool medium is not very common and that alone makes the exhibit worth seeing. (One of my interests in the art scene is the interface of traditional craft-based works that appear in the world of fine art. This is an issue I love to talk about.) However, as you spend time with the pieces, you realize that the fact that the work is wool-based, doesn’t matter. You see, Attwell is a very, very strong story teller no matter what media she uses. Although there are some paintings in the exhibit, I was greatly moved and impacted by the wool constructs. From her website, “Felting is an ancient tradition still used today by Nomadic peoples. Mongolians use felted wool to build their yurts.  The process is one of entangling the wool fibers until they interlock into a form. Dry felting uses a barbed needle that tangles the fibers together. Wet felting sculpts using friction and soapy water.” I’m not an expert on the medium but it certainly seems that Attwell has mastered it.

I have not met Attwell so all I have to learn about her is her website. I encourage you to see the works in person first, then reach out to her if you’re interested. You can reach her by email at or phone at 512/263-2054. If you do, please tell her you saw her work here at HALT713.

(All photos by Matt Adams.)

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